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Family Summit Guide- 2024

I am so excited you are here and reading this blog entry as it is something that my husband, Trey, and I have been thinking, praying, and working on for a few months.

Some friends and followers might remember when I shared on a social media post this past January about a weekend getaway we took that we called, ‘The Wimmer Summit’. The response to this one post was very surprising. I got so many questions on social media, texts, and in personal conversations about what that weekend was about. So much, that my husband and I decided that by next year, we want to be able to provide our own guide to share with all those who were so interested!

What is the goal of a ‘summit’?

The goal is for you and your spouse to feel more connected emotionally, physically, and spiritually as you plan your year ahead. It is so hard in this day and culture to stop, slow down, and take inventory of what is happening in our schedules, lives, and families. A summit provides more than a weekend away, but a chance to get on the same page with your spouse in a way that feels impossible in the usual day to day life.

Why is this so important, especially for busy parents?

I can’t be alone in my frustration of rarely being able to finish a thought or sentence without life (ahem, a toddler) interrupting this process. Not only does this impair my ability to process and plan my own personal ideas and goals but often times it disrupts my communication with my husband. Communication is SO important in a healthy marriage. Effective communication is already challenging with jobs and life itself. Add in 1-3 toddlers, babies, and/or teenagers and it gets that much harder.

A ‘summit’ allows parents to get away and create margin for healthy conversations with your spouse that you can actually finish without a single interruption. It allows time for your body to be fueled by sleep and good food so that you are going into both easy and hard conversations with an open and calm mind. An intentional weekend away from the noise allows for silence to calm your soul, for your thoughts to roam freely, and for the Holy Spirit to speak truth to your heart.

What we want to share with you . . .

Three years ago, my husband suggested we start our own summit. I was open to the idea but also wary. I am not naturally wired to see a weekend away of planning and making goals as exciting. In fact, sometimes that stuff just overwhelms me to my core. My husband, God bless, is the opposite. I am thankful that the Lord put us to together as he is great in pushing me outside of my comfort zone.

Trey brought a 25 page guide to our first summit. He was so excited. I shut down.

I craved a guide that was an average length, that could be easily completed as a couple in 1-3 days that included some downtime for rest, spontaneous fun, and time for ‘rabbit trail’ conversations.

Fast forward to January of 2023, where Trey and I brought shorter, more flexible documents to review as guides for our conversation. There was time for us to sleep in, drink coffee on the porch, go out to dinner, read our books, and still complete our guides and goals with time to spare! We left that weekend with our emotional cups overflowing and thought, this needs to be shared.

So, many months later, my husband Trey has created that very guide and I am thrilled. He took what we loved and what we wanted a summit to be and put it in our very own guide that we can now share (FOR FREE) to whoever craves this same intentionality. This guide is what our family will use for years to come and I hope your family can be strengthened by it too.

If a family ‘summit’ happens in January, why are we talking about it now?


Go (right now )and look at your calendar and get with your spouse and nail down a weekend. We like to choose the beginning of the year (January) as a chance to reflect on the past year and start the new year fresh and with new plans and goals in mind. January will be here before you know it! If you don't put a date on the calendar, the calendar just fills up.

It helps to select a weekend (or just a day if that is all you can manage), take care of the childcare (ask friends or family), and plan for any other details sooner rather than later!

What will the guide include?







Through this small space in the world, Lullababy Sleep Consulting can hopefully strengthen and encourage families through great sleep help but also through little tools such as this. Praying God this will bless you and your family. Can't wait to share with y'all!

Coming soon on September 29th, 2023.

Your friend,


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